Get a reminder of your Machisma every time your phone rings with machisma Militia power ringtones below.

Power ringtones can be purchase right here on the Machisma Militia web site for immediate download (mp3) or direct to your phone using your iTunes account. Note: your iTunes account will be the easiest way to install a ringtone.

Note: iPhone and iTunes users
buy and load a Power Ringtone directly to your phone using iTunes.

If you haven't installed a custom ringtone before, check out the instructions below. It's easy!

Instructions: How to Install a Custom Ringtone

Machisma Militia POWER RINGTONES must be added to your phone manually and it's very easy to do.

iPhone users, we have created custom iPhone ringtones in the M4R format; see the iPhone page to purchase the M4R formatted ringtone. All you need to do is add them to your iTunes Tones folder.

  1. Add Custom Ringtone to Android Phone 
  2.  Add Custom Ringtone to Windows Phone
  3. Add Custom Ringtone to iPhone OR: