Machisma Militia - animations

The Machisma Militia now have their very own animations page, where you can follow everything our female superheroes get up to as they travel the world spreading the love and destroying the hate. The world has been crying out for a rock band with that particular sound which can shake the patriarchy to its core and bring justice and equality to all, and that’s what our heroes are about to do.

Whatever obstacles they may be faced with, whether it be political action, natural disaster or entrenched sexist ideals, our sisters will stop at nothing until they have liberated the whole world from its archaic anti-feminine beliefs.

Fighting misogyny, racism and injustice wherever on the planet they might find it, our four rock chick superheroes have taken up the quest to fight global inequality with their hard rock music.

Follow the girls’ exploits as they take the stage across the world and liven and enlighten audiences everywhere they go. More than just messengers of justice, these ladies are here to fight and the whole world better listen to what they have to say.

Building on the legacies of female icons like Harriet Tubman and Rosie the Riveter, these animations explore the tale of women who don’t conform to pre-ordained ideals of femininity or status. They kick ass and fight for what they believe in --- equal pay for equal work.

The Machisma Militia is every woman in the workplace, construction, sports, and boardrooms across the world. You can see all of their international exploits right here as they spread the good word of equality and women’s rights across the globe. The Militia will be posting new clips from their adventures here all the time, so make sure to sign up to our e-mail list to be the first to get the heads up their latest exploits.